The Dodge Challenger Is NOT Getting an ACR Version, your hotspot for tech help, news, audits and gatherings about everything Mopar, refers to a source that is wagering the Dodge Challenger—before it gets a major update—will get an American Club Racer, or ACR, rendition, setting it facing street course warriors like the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and Chevy Camaro ZL1. As indicated by a representative from Dodge, it’s not occurring.

Allpar (and us—before we jumped on the telephone with our companions at Dodge) was trusting the Challenger ACR would follow the Dodge Viper ACR and the Neon ACR, in which case we’d be taking a gander at weight decreases, streamlined work and a lot of suspension redesigns. For instance, the Neon ACR unique version accompanied flexible dampers, thicker antiroll bars, stiffer suspension bushings, quick proportion directing, rock solid wheel center points and a five-speed manual transmission with a shorter fifth rigging and last drive proportion. Those things would have done marvels to the effectively quick in-an orderly fashion Challenger SRT and Hellcat.

Allpar guaranteed that there would be two renditions, one with the 6.4-liter (392) V8 and one with the supercharged Hellcat motor (a supercharger isn’t permitted in some beginner dashing classes, the discussion gives as the explanation). Allpar likewise says the Challenger ACR would have been benchmarked against the incredible Viper ACR. In the event that it could have even approached that beast on a street course, that would have been a major success. The Challenger SRTs and Hellcats aren’t slumps on target, however you simply can beat material science with a vehicle that large and substantial.

Carbon fiber would have removed a portion of that weight, asserted Allpar. The wing could have come straightforwardly from the Viper ACR-E, and the front splitter could have been connected too. On the off chance that it resembled the different ACRs, the suspension would have been customizable, in tallness, caster, camber, just as stun damping and bounce back. The brakes would likewise should be greater.

It would have likewise should have been road lawful, similar to the others, and the source additionally guaranteed Dodge would go for a control weight of under 4,000 pounds. That would be wonderful, considering the base Hellcat presently is 4,429 pounds—would have been a tremendous eating routine.

The Challenger stage is antiquated, yet Dodge has done a helluva work refreshing it and making it 100% bearable in day by day life, some way or another, even with well more than 700 hp. A lightweight, track-engaged, stripped-down Challenger ACR sounds extraordinary for the nine aficionados left in the room, yet our inquiry is, would that have removed what makes the full-size, old-school, agreeable American muscle vehicle so exceptional? We guess it doesn’t generally make a difference: Dodge hammered the entryway on the thought pretty convincingly.

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