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Deadly Illusions Ending Explained: WTF Just Happened?


Deadly Illusions Ending Explained: WTF Just Happened?

Who Is The Mysterious Woman At The End Of Deadly Illusions?

We only see this mysterious woman twice in the film: in video footage after Elaine’s murder and at the Deadly Illusions ending. If all the events in the film are to be taken at face value, then she’s whoever killed Elaine, and likely either Mary or Grace in disguise. Because the woman is only seen like this after she killed Elaine, it’s assumed that Mary or Grace has killed again.

Grace has either killed Mary and escaped the hospital, or Mary has killed Grace and left before anyone discovers her crime. Mary and Grace are both shown wearing a trench coat, so that’s not a good indicator of which one is the woman at the end. The Deadly Illusions ending offers no clear answers on who killed Elaine, because no one confesses to it. It, however, makes more sense if Mary killed Elaine.

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