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Hereditary Vs. Midsommar: Which Is The Better Ari Aster Film?


Hereditary Vs. Midsommar: Which Is The Better Ari Aster Film?


This might be a strange category for horror, but some people have called Ari Aster’s horror movies… funny? And not just one person, either but multiple people. So, which is the…funnier?…horror movie?

Hereditary’s Humor

I don’t know how anybody can find a movie where a little girl gets her head knocked off by a pole funny, but I guess there’s a sort of dark humor that can be had in this film. There’s one scene toward the end where a naked guy is just chilling in the corner that got a chuckle out of me (I remember thinking, This guy’s here to party). But overall, I don’t think Hereditary is funny. Horrifying, yes. But funny? No.

Midsommar’s Humor

Okay, I can definitely see the humor in Midsommar. In fact, I laughed multiple times while watching it, which was good since it relieved the tension. From the bear that is randomly sitting in a cage, to the old dude getting upset that a kid is pissing on his ancestors, to the infamous crying scene, Midsommar is so weirdly wonderful and bizarre that I find it kind of hard not to laugh.

The Humor Victor: Midsommar

Again, I’m not really sure how Hereditary could be considered funny, but Midsommar definitely wins in the humor department.

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