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‘Tell Him Walt Sent You’ Disney Legend Jim Cora Dies At 83


‘Tell Him Walt Sent You’ Disney Legend Jim Cora Dies At 83

When it comes to the Walt Disney Company, most of the names that people know are the characters. The brand is about promoting Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Iron Man, and Luke Skywalker. The people behind the scenes are rarely given the spotlight unless they happen to be CEOs or happen to be named Disney. But there are so many people who worked to create the things we love, movies, TV, theme parks and more, and one of those greats has passed away. Jim Cora had a career that sounds like something out of an inspirational Disney movie, that started with five simple words, ‘Tell him Walt sent you.’

Jim Cora started working at Disneyland in 1957, just after the park opened. He cleaned 3D glasses at the Mickey Mouse Theater. However, he began to rise through the ranks of the Disney company after a meeting with Walt himself. Walt reportedly told the young man to head over to find Disney University founder Van Arsdale France, which is when he told the boy to ‘Tell tell him Walt sent you.” From there Cora would begin a rise within the company that would eventually see him retire as the Chairman of Disney’s International Parks. 

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