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Should Zack Snyder Make Justice League 2? Let’s Talk This Out


Should Zack Snyder Make Justice League 2? Let’s Talk This Out

As Zack Snyder told the hosts of CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend podcast, Warner Bros. didn’t want to spend a dime to help him release his version of Justice League. The studio, through anonymous reps, view the SnyderVerse as a cul-de-sac, and have moved on to other stories in the DC universe (whether Snyder fans want to hear that or not). Snyder resorted to restoring his cut for free — he has said in interviews he didn’t get paid for the work — and even shot scenes (which the studio didn’t want) in his driveway. Now fans would like a studio that was unwilling to put money into a mostly-finished Justice League to start from scratch on a Justice League 2 production that, if done properly, would cost north of $200 million? That won’t happen. It was a much easier yet still difficult hurdle to get the Snyder Cut of Justice League released. It seems like a massive uphill climb to get WarnerMedia to completely change strategy and plow forward with more stories in Snyder’s DC universe.

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