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The Best Non-Horror Movies To Stream On Shudder – April 2021


The Best Non-Horror Movies To Stream On Shudder – April 2021

When it comes to horror, fans know exactly where to stream some of the best in the genre: Shudder. However, the self-described “world’s best horror and thriller steaming service” added that extra category to its slogan for a reason. In addition to its countless terrifying titles, Shudder has a plentiful collection of non-horror movies available to stream.

Discounting the majority of Shudder’s feature-length non-fiction pieces and docuseries (since those usually comes with close ties to the genre in question), the service’s library includes a relatively strong selection of films that may not have the same tone and traditional inner workings of horror classics like the slasher masterpiece 1978’s Halloween or Hell House LLC, one of the best found footage thrillers ever, if you ask me. However, in the eyes of its curators, they are just as essential.

Ranging from grounded crime dramas to intense mysteries and even laugh-out-loud satire, these are the best movies available on Shudder that more easily scared subscribers might be able to handle. By some miracle, I was actually able to find more than 10 of them.

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